My Wallet

The My Wallet page in serves displays NFT's that your connected wallet owns, including wNFT's that represent NFT's you have wrapped on the Pawn protocol.

Actions Supported in My Wallet

  • Add Collateral - NFT's (as well as other ERCx type assets) that are not yet bundled in a wNFTwNFT - Acronym representing a "wrapped NFT" created by minting against the AssetWrapper contract in protocol. and supported by the platform ( see Collections Supported) can be added to an existing or new wNFT for inclusion as collateral in a loan request.
  • Request a Loan - assets that are in unattached wNFT's, that is wNFT's not tied to a loan request or active originated loan, can be requested for a new loan.
  • Unwrap Collateral - assets that are in unattached wNFT's can also be unwrapped returned the underlying collateral to the owner of the wNFT and burning the wNFT upon successful unwrapping.